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Archie Stonehill ’17

If you go to Harvard, you’ve probably watched the first episode of Ivy. If you somehow haven’t seen the first episode (we know, there’s always another paper or problem set), it’s probably the first thing on your To-Watch list. Ivy is a poignant, hilarious, utterly honest look into what life for Harvard students is really like–and recently, we had a chance to chat with one of the actors who’s bringing these stories to life! Introducing Archie Stonehill, the actor who plays DK on the show and this week’s Campus Cutie!

Year: 2017

House: Quincy

Concentration: History and Literature

Hometown: London, England

Relationship Status: Single

Describe yourself in 3 words: Innovative, passionate, and unapologetic

Best physical trait: My abnormally soft skin

Favorite place in Harvard Square: The T Station

What are you involved with on campus?

I do a lot of theater. I have acted in three plays this year and intend to start directing this fall. I am also involved in a few international groups: I am on the board of the newly re-founded Harvard British Club and am a leader for the Freshman International Pre-orientation Program. And then there’s Ivy… 

How did you land your role on Ivy?

I met Eli [the director] before I even started at Harvard, at Visitas last year. Then I suppose he’d scoped me out in a few plays last year and asked me to audition.

How are you similar to your character? How are you different?

DK is a bit like a cooler, better me. He, like me, can sometimes be a bit too much to deal with. He is, however, definitely a fun person to have around, as I would hope I am and we are both good friends when it comes down to it. We both sometimes make poor, impulsive decisions, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are a few important differences though. We’re both definitely academic–although that might not have come out so much yet–but he’s into a more mainstream life path; he studies economics, like everyone else at Harvard, perhaps to go into finance, whereas I’m more interested in the humanities and film directing. He’s much bolder than I am, and less afraid to do what he likes. Oh, and he has a lot more sex than I do.

Can you give us any hints about upcoming episodes?

I can tell you that DK seems to hook up with his close friends, or at least someone, in pretty much every episode. The next episode focuses on Harley and the differences between who she wants to be, and perhaps who she is. After that DK’s semi-estranged brother comes to visit and we learn more about who DK was before he arrived at Harvard.

What’s one thing on your Harvard bucket list?

I’d be disappointed if I left Harvard without jumping off the John Weeks Bridge into the Charles in mid-January. I couldn’t this year because the river was frozen over.


Want to see Archie (and the rest of the amazing cast) in action? The first episode of Ivy is available to watch now! Until the next installment, look out for more Her Campus coverage of Harvard’s hottest series in the coming weeks.  

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