7 Things You Need For Your Girl's Night In

Wanna have fun but don't have the energy to go out? We got you bb <3

  1. 1. Boxed Wine

    They every thing you need to have fun when no one's looking: cheep, tasty, and it will get you and your girls tipsy quick

  2. 2. A Cheap Projector  

    Screen a ~film~ on your wall (or just take artsy insta pics), and make it cute. Also no one cares if you have a cheap projector because things are gonna be looking blurry anyways ;)

  3. 3. Your Favorite Childhood Musical Teen Movie

    Sing and dance along with alll your closest babes <3

  4. 4. A Killer Playlist

    Hit any of the playlist we've posted, and dance in perfect unison with all of your besties

  5. 5. Snacks :)

    Because all that singing and dancing is going to make you hungry

  6. 6. A Solid Vine or TikTok Compilation Queued up

    Because by the end of the night you're just gonna wanna sit and laugh

  7. 7. Some Cute and Cozy Jammies

    Cus its not a girls night in if you're not cozy <3

Have a good night ladies ;)