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7 Study Spaces to Help You Avoid Becoming a Lamonster

Midterm season has arrived which means added stress and anxiety, and an rapidly increasing number of times you look at the countdown to spring break. With midterms on the horizon and no signs of any more snow days, the library is looking like a new home. To avoid hunkering down in Lamont with a blanket, pack of Red Bull, and box of Kleenex (cold season and midterm season seem to never end) take a look at these alternative study spaces. Don’t become a Lamonster.


1. Law School Student Center (Caspersen Student Center)

The Law School Student Center offers multiple types of study spaces. However, my favorite area is in one of the large armchairs by the fireplace. The lounge room spacious enough that you won’t feel too cozy, but homey enough to spend a substantial amount of time in. Another added benefit is the students! Working in any part of the law school area can keep your motivation going as you see the law school students focused, undistracted, and living in books the size of your head.

2. Boston Tea Stop

Bubble tea. Need I say more? Tables are large enough to work with 2-3 people on p-sets, group projects, or anything else. Overlooking JFK street it has the feeling of leaving the “Harvard bubble” when in reality you are centrally located. If you are brave in the midst of this cold go for this mochi ice cream as a study reward!

3. Cambridge Public Library

Looking for a library feel, but away from the Harvard midterm chaos? Search no further. The Cambridge Public Library has areas with both modern and old timey feeling. Oak reading rooms and the ground floor offer a place for anyone. For a study break and nostalgia, check out the children’s reading room

4. Women’s Center

The Women’s Center is always a great place to work, but stopping by this week would be even better because it is Women’s Week! (March 1st- 8th).  Make some hot chocolate and tea and do some work in a welcoming and safe space open to all genders.  Areas for working include couches and comfy chairs as well as computer workstations and a conference room. It’s a great place to find encouragement from the powerful women displayed as well as the Women’s Center’s own library of inspiration.

5. Café Algiers

One of my personal favorites Algiers is a quick walk away and offers a funky and bohemian vibe. The tables around the rotunda are a peaceful place to hide away among the exotic architecture and musty books. While you are there try the orange mint hot chocolate; you won’t regret it!

6. Harvard Art Museum

Yes, the museum is a great study space! One of the greatest features of the museum is its light. The transparent features of the building make the open tables in the museum airy and light to curb stress.

7. Crema Café

Quaint and with delicious food, Crema provides a great study space for the individual at one of their small tables or a group at a large picnic like table. It is usually bustling with business so if you need silence try a different place, but the liveliness of the café can be a plus.  One downfall is that Crema does not have its own wi-fi, but if you are trying to avoid the temptation of scrolling through Twitter, Buzzfeed, or Her Campus (of course!) then it could be the greatest benefit of all.


Happy Studying!

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