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7 Reasons for a California Girl to be Excited for New England Autumn

Finally, my favorite season of the year—FALL. Honestly, however, “fall” has a very different meaning up here in Boston than it did in Southern California. Here are a few reasons I am EXTREMELY excited for autumn in New England.

1.       LEAVES.



I did not even know colors like this existed on PLANTS! What!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love the green of trees back home, and the blue of the ocean, and the brown of all the dead grass from our droughts, but red and orange and yellow—very new.

And yes, I am known for collecting leaves and then putting them up on my bulletin board—judge me.

2.       Hot apple cider

I’ve had sparkling cider before, and apple juice, but a steaming cup of yummy apple—cinnamon-y of juice is completely novel. Back home, hot cider in October would feel like this—

But here in New England, drinking cider feels like rays on sunshine are just gently radiating into your soul.God, I love hot juice.

3.       Sweaters

Ugh, sweaters. How I love thee. In California, I seriously only wore sweaters over my bathing suit on my way to morning water polo practice. Let me make that a little clearer—I wore SWEATERS before going to the POOL. I did not understand the magnificent comfort and warmth wool could give you in chilly weather. Before, Pinterest pins like this—

And this—

Were mere figments of cold-weather wonder and imagination. Never did I think I could actually WEAR something like that. So exciting.

4.       Scary Halloweens!

It’s kind of hard to get scared for Halloween when you are trick-or-treating in balmy 70-degree weather with palm trees half-heartedly dressed in fake spider webs and deflated jack-o-lanterns of surfers catching a wave decorating people’s porches.

You thought I was kidding.

But here at Harvard, I live across the street from a freaking cemetery. My freshman dorm was named after the judge who presided over the Salem witch trials and sent hundreds of innocent men and women to their painful deaths in the 17th century. For goodness sake, our main library has a room dedicated to a ghost as his final resting place!!! That’s why if somebody tries to surprise me anytime during the month of October, it’ll go a little something like this.

5.       Apple picking

If you try to tell me this isn’t the cutest date idea in the history of ever, I will plug my ears and say “la la la la” because you are WRONG, my friend. Fresh air, crisp apples, and endless baking opportunities? Count. Me. In.

6.       Beautiful, “fall-like” weather

I will be honest—there are days I miss my perpetually-temperate paradise climate from back home. But usually, I am too busy breathing in the invigorating, chilly air (non-polluted, I might add) and delighting in the crisp tinge of autumn on my skin. That is, when there’s not pelting rain or 100% humidity… But most of the time, fall is GREAT. I <3 you, Boston weather (for once).

7.       Thanksgiving where it began

Honestly, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the time I spend with my family, the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, andthe food (it always comes back to food).

But there is something special and unique and humbling to spend the lead-up to Thanksgiving a few sparse miles from where the Pilgrims spent their first Thanksgiving. It’s the same reason why people flock to France or New Orleans for Mardi Gras, why the 4th of July is most special in Philadelphia, or Boston, or Washington, D.C. Being in the cradle of a holiday’s origins is inspiring and grounding. Plus, I bet Boston’s sweet yams are legendary.

Enjoy your autumn, because snow and winter and final exams will be here before you know it!

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