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7 Great Stand Up Clips You’ve Never Seen

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Here are 7 of them.


1. Dylan Roche

14 Year Old Stand Up Comedian  

“My parents are pretty old. They’re in their 40s now.”



2. Josh Johnson

Catfishing the KKK

“I won’t think you’re racist until you go to your second Klan meeting. Look, cause maybe the first one, your buddy Dale just invited you to a barbecue.”



3. Shayne Smith

When The Debt Collector Comes Knocking

“Beyond sneezing on a baby, I’m like really bad at everything.”



4. Drew Barth

“She was like, you know a diamond is forever. I was like, I know. So is Styrofoam, actually.”



5. Warren B Hall

When you have the coolest kid on the planet

“He wasn’t the brightest, but he was hilarious.”



6. Kelsey Cook

Stupid Names

“You look at me and think, yeah, she cried when the Spice Girls broke up. She’s done too many jello shots before.”



7. Fern Brady

Heterosexual Marriages

“I love when homophobes have to make up fictional reasons to justify their homophobia, because no one can say the actual reason, which is ‘I really want to try gay sex.’”




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