6 Reasons to Watch Crazy-Ex Girlfriend

1. It is hilarious

2. It has great music



3. It allows people to be nuanced, while it still manages to satirize the tropes the characters interact with and embody. 

It’s characters are nuanced, realistic, and diverse in thought, race, sexuality, and age. The show does a great job of portraying characters living with mental illness in a way that is both nuanced and not overly dramatized.


5. It does not pit women against each other.

The show satirizes the trope of women fighting over a man, but also depicts the many other ways women can relate to one another. 


6. It does not make romantic relationships the end all be all.

While Rebecca often shapes her life around romantic relationships, that does not mean that the show condones such a perspective. In face, the satirical nature of the show pushes the viewer to understand that romantic relationships are not the point of television or a woman's life. 


7. It is award winning. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend won a Golden Globe for best performance by a television actress, an Emmy for choreography, an Emmy for editing, a Critics' Choice award for best lead actress in a comedy, a TCA award for individual achievement in comedy, and a Gotham Independent Film award for breakthrough series long form.