6 Lenses to Analyze Any Text Through

The hardest part of writing an essay is starting it. The easiest way to spark a new idea is to look at the text through a specific lense. Here are 6 lenses I find particularly useful, enlightening, and interesting. 


Feminist theory Text to look at: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay


Queer theory

Text to look at: Brown has compiled a list of potentially helpful, intersectional queer theory.


Cognitive frameworks

Text to look at: “Introduction: Epistemic Communities and International Pol- icy Coordination” by Peter Haas


Dream theory

Text to look at: Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud both have good, extensive theories that can be applied to dreams.


Pronoun Use

Text to look at: The Secret Life of Pronouns by James Pennebaker


Path Dependence

Text to look at: “Increasing Returns, Path Dependence, and the Study of Politics” by Paul Pierson