5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Sims 4

The Sims is a CRAZY FUN (and kinda expensive) game, but did you know that for the low price of FREE you can make it even better?

  1. 1. The Gallery

    Feeling uninspired, or so overwhelmed by all the choices you could make in just designing one home or person? Look no further than the Gallery. Sim users from all over the globe have uploaded their creations, and they can be availaibe for download at your fingertips!

    To download a home, go into edit mode for your plot, go into the Gallery, filter homes for your plot size, and start searching. To download sims, go to edit households, click the plus sign, and a choice to download from the gallery will pop up! From there, its even easier than finding a home.

    A good pointer to note though is that you should also filter out things you do not have (game add-ons, custom content) if you want to download EXACTLY what you see on the gallery.

  2. 2. Motherlode (and other cool cheats)

    Press “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or “Command + Shift + C” on your Mac, and the world is yours! A bar at the top will pop up, and with the right knowledge, yours Sims universe will become truly limitless.

    Typing in Motherlode, the most famous of Sims cheats, will get you 50k simoleons every time you type that bad boy in and press enter. 

    Other lesserknown cheats are ones that alter the ways in which objects in your physical universe move and interact, such as "bb.moveobjects on". Click here for a list of all Sims cheats, and how they work!

  3. 3. Youtube

    A great resource for exploring all the ways you can use Sims is Youtube. Youtubers like Carmen King (my personal fave) do steamy challenges, while others, like The Sim Supply, also build and rennovate homes. Search the web and you can find Youtubers that are doing not only exactly what you want to do, but things you never thought were possible.

  4. 4. Mods & CC

    I know I'm not the only one who thinks that the looks the Sims base game puts out are the fiercest. Thats where Mods, or custom content (CC) can come in! Search the web (I prefer Tumblr and The Sims Resource), and find anything you can dream of!! Hair, nails, shoes, clothes, beds, eyebrows, EVERYTHING. Seasoned Sims players and designers have been creating custom content that usually comes for free, and it can be anything! 

    In order to not get overwhelmed, a first step is to choose between the two styles of mods that are out there. The first is Maxis Match. Maxis Match mods are made to match the style of the Sims 4, which is designed by Maxis (hense the name). The other main style that is used is called Alpha, and it matches the older style that The Sims used to use. Although some may say that Alpha looks dated (because it looks like old Sims), many love it for its realistic style and nostalgic nod to past versions of Sims.


    Ready to have the zestiest Sims 4 experience yet? Get you some Script Mods. Script mods work like CC, you download them and put them in the mods folder of your sims file (more info here). Instead you alter what your game does. One of the most famous, and steamiest, script mods is Wicked Whims. With Wicked Whims, you don't have so deal with annoying Woohoo's anymore. Your sims can have REAL SEX. THAT'S RIGHT, REAL SEX. In addition to that, they can have mentrual cycles and go on birth control, and buldings can have ~sexy~ attributes. Other Script Mods can do things like create extra careers for your Sims Get to Work. Script Mods bascially change not only what your world looks like, but what your world and your sims can do!!

Have all the fun!!