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5 Things You Need For The Snow (A Southern Gal’s Survival Guide)

1. L.L. bean boots. Although less attractive than cowboy boots, they prevent embarrassment (from slipping and falling bottom first)!


2. A winter coat (such as one from North Face, Patagonia, or Canada Goose) that is long enough to at least meet your knees. Because, yes, your booty will get cold!


3. So many fuzzy and warm socks! Make sure you have enough to last at least 2 weeks, if you hate doing laundry like me. 


4. Fleece leggings. Do you value your legs? If so, buy as many fleece leggings as possible. They will save your life and make you look good! ;)


5. Last, but not least, gloves and glove warmers. Make sure your fingers are never exposed to the cold.


P.S. If you love the sun like I do, you may also want to consider getting a sun lamp. You’ll never feel sad after using it. You can trust me, as a girl from Texas! 

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