5 Reasons to Join HerCampus

There are more than five, obviously, and the number of reasons approaches infinity, but in order to keep your attention, and hope that you can retain the information, given that humans can keep on average seven bits of information at a time. So to be safe, I’m only putting five.


1. We write about almost everything.


 breakfast club i rule pump fist GIF


Elections, classes, periods...you name it. Hardly anything’s ever off the board, and you have the freedom of writing as much about a topic as you please. Be the first one to write and publish a poem, or a short story, or a comic. So long as you can pitch it, you can write it!


2. We make a lot of Evil Kermit Memes

I never said we made good memes. Just memes.


And we use a lot of GIFs. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, so a GIF is worth…(I’m sorry, we don’t really do math so I’ll have to leave you a GIF)

CBC comedy what money confused GIF

3. We have no comp process


We don’t believe in the comp process, only effort and enthusiasm! Our requirements are also very laid back, and can be completed remotely if need be. An average of two articles per month is all that’s required, and hopefully your presence at meetings! We’re not meant to stress you out, we’re here to help you share your thoughts with the world!


4. We get goodies and lots of opportunities!


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We hate to bribe you. It’s not a bribe. It’s an...incentive. Join the team and get goodies! HerCampus has a lot of sponsors and partners, like TreSemme and Vera Bradley, and you’ll get to pick stuff that you want from the survival kits that get sent every season. They even host fashion week.


5. We’re just a cool lot.


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We welcome members of all identities (even the ec concentrators), and we are a microcosm of awesomeness and fun. We’ve had both undergraduate and graduate students, and are always looking for more phenomenal people.


So come hang out with us! Email [email protected] for more information!