5 Must-See Netflix Christmas Films

Snuggle season is officially here and so are the festive films you have been looking forward to!

Netflix Christmas films have now become a festive season staple, providing the cringey yet comforting go-to stops for the holiday season. Feel free to cozy up with hot chocolate and some popcorn to our top picks:

  1. The Knight Before Christmas

Is it really a Netflix Original Christmas film if it doesn’t star Vanessa Hudgens? This year, Netflix’s Christmas darling stars as Brooke, a young woman who feels that she will never meet the man of her dreams. She meets Cole, who has stumbled into 2019 from the 14th Century, and the two embark on their journey in love! The film is cringey but heart-warming, with royalty and snow all featuring. What’s there not to love?

  1. Let It Snow

Another romantic comedy, but this time we are taking it back to high school. The film explores the lives of high school seniors who each have enough drama in their love lives to fill the 92 minute run-time. Packed with pop stars, maybe-more-than-just-friends, and festive cheer, this film is perfect for those who have been watching High School Musical on repeat for years!

  1. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

A Cinderella Story will never get old, and Netflix is proving that true once again with their Christmas special of the age-old classic. Starring Gregg Sulkin and Laura Marano, the musical comedy will leave you feeling warm inside, proving that dreams really do come true.  

  1. Klaus

This Christmas movie is different from the others we have featured: first off, it’s animated! The film is Netflix’s first original animated feature, and is inspired by the legend of Santa Claus himself.

The story follows the unlikely bond between a postman in the North Pole and toy-maker, Klaus. It is a comedy, and will keep you on your toes as there are hidden layers to each character. The film has been met with praise and is sure to make it to your list of best Christmas films!

  1. Holiday Rush

This Netflix Original is a heart-warming tale for all the family. It follows a New York radio DJ, Rush, who is keen on keeping his kids happy with Christmas presents following the death of their mother. Nevertheless, hardship is abundant when he loses his job. The rest of the family comes to his rescue, and in the Christmas spirit, all returns to happiness by the end of the film. This film is perfect to enjoy with your family as we all enjoy the spirit of family and giving this Christmas.