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4 Things Every Collegiette Needs in Her Spring Break Survival Kit

Spring break is FINALLY upon us!

And if your plans are anything like mine, that means a week at the beach.  But before you exchange those Bean boots and ankle-length parkas for flip flops and cover-ups, you need to pack!  Packing can be daunting (Do I need more than four bikinis?  Do I have space to bring a sweater in case it gets chilly?  Two sweaters?  How many ounces of liquid are allowed in carry-on luggage?  Where the heck is my passport?) but luckily for this collegiette, Her Campus put together spring break survival kits for all of its campus staff writers!  I may not be totally packed yet, but here are four things in my spring break survival kit that I think every collegiette should have in her beach bag this week.


1. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak purifying conditioner.  I’m all for surf and sun, but all that salt water and chlorine and UV radiation can dry out and damage your hair.  This conditioner not only moisturizes, revitalizes, and protects your hair from further damage–it’s good for the environment because its eco-friendly formula is biodegradable!  So lather, rinse, repeat at the end of a long beach day for a night of bouncy hair, margaritas, and wild abandon.


2. Completely Bare no-heat wax strips.  They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and a lot less awkward than baring it all to a stranger in a salon.  And, let’s face it, shaving is the worst.  No, wait–laundry is the worst.  Shaving is the second-worst.  But I digress.  Nothing ruins a beach day quite like feeling insecure about unwanted body hair.  Depending on your tolerance for pain, these wax strips may just save your life.


3. Sabre personal alarm with dual-function design.  Part of what makes spring break so exciting is the possibility of meeting cool, fun new boy–I mean, friends!  Hopefully, you’ll be surrounded by kind, young, hedonistic strangers who just want to enjoy a week at the beach like you do.  But sometimes, we all know that unfamiliar territory + unfamiliar people can = bad things happening to collegiettes on spring break.  So clip this handy-dandy alarm to your bag, keychain, belt loop, or bikini just in case.


4. The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn.  I don’t know about you guys, but a novel about a law intern by day who doubles as New York City’s most successful hit man by night sounds like perfect beach reading to me.  And it’ll be so much more fun than doing the reading I have to do for my classes…


I’ve got my spring break survival kit packed, and I hope you’ll make one too.  Have a wonderful and safe break, collegiettes!  See you on the other (tan, relaxed) side!

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