4 Comfortable Ways to Fashionably Survive Finals

Finals got you in a rut?

Personally, I never feel 100% unless I’m slaying a stellar look. But one also has to be comfy for finals. I say, why not do both?


Look #1:

This season length is all the rage. That’s right, “length”. A casual way play with lengths is to pair a long cardigan with a cropped sweater. Then joggers, a.k.a. fancy sweatpants a.k.a. the best thing to ever come from the athleisure trend + slides builds a cohesive look that says both “I thought hard about what I’m wearing right now” and “I could literally sleep in this right now”.


Look #2:

What says finals more than school spirit + the-sweatpants+of+jeans. Fishnet socks add the extra umf that turns this outfit from a “look” to a “LEWK” with minimal effort. Added bonus of slip-on sneakers, you don’t have to tie your shoes. That gives you like, 5 extra seconds of cramming time!


Look #3:

This one’s a doozy. We’ve got mixed textures (wool coat (which are HUGE right now) and knit sweater), leggings (they speak for themselves tbh), and a simple no-nonsense boot. BOOM! FASHION!


Look #4:

For those of you that can’t stand the restriction of pants, here we are! The sweater dress and knit scarf are classic winter trends, while the warm thigh highs and combat boots add edge to an outfit that is basically a glorified nightgown. You’re welcome.