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12 Times You Were Marny from Halloweentown

As a ’90s kid, Halloweentown is a quintessential part of the Halloween experience, and Marny is an icon. She is just as relatable today as she was twenty years ago. 


1. When you walked into your first college party


2. When a fuckboy hits on you

3. When you’re bored in lecture

4. When you have to defend Halloween against the haters


5. When you realize that SLS20’s midterm is on Housing Day

6. When someone else says they’re not a fan of cultural and identity-based groups on campus


7. When your friend is swiping on Tinder

8. When you step on campus freshman year

9. Your first Halloweekend

10. When you successfully make yourself ramen


11. When you and your roommate disagree about what decorations are aesthetic


12. When HUDS overcooks the broccoli


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Audrey Thorne

Harvard '19

Audrey is a Senior in Pforzheimer house. She likes writing, adventure, Tatte, and doing things ironically it's no longer ironic. She's also Co-Campus Coordinator of the Her Campus Harvard branch.
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