UHart Philosophy Club: Worth A Look

I will admit that as a freshman, I was one of those kids who joined every club and went to every event on campus...mainly because I could.

However, by my second semester, I was forced to drop some clubs that weren't related to my major so I could focus. The only non-major-related club I ended up keeping was the University of Hartford Philosophy Club.

Philosophy Club is billed as a place for not only students, but faculty, staff, and community members to sit and talk. The club's adviser, Dr. Brian Skelly, usually brings in something for lunch (last week it was homemade pesto) and the club members sit and talk about the week's assigned topic.

Skelly stresses that people shouldn't be intimidated of the club because it's open to anyone. In an interview for STN last year, he said, "If you felt like you were in the wrong place, you can just ease out of the room and no one's gonna pressure you to stay. We're not a cult."

Philosophy Club meets every Thursday at 12:15 on the 4th floor of Auerbach Hall. Interested students can email Dr. Skelly at [email protected], although he encourages people to just show up.