Thanksgiving Looks that are Already in Your Closet!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Aren’t you excited to see your family, friends, and enjoy a few days home in your own bed? But wait…. You don’t have anything cute to wear for Thanksgiving and the last shuttle just left campus! No worries girl! You can create a totally cute outfit from what you have in your closet! So here’s how!


Look 1


Black Shirt, Dark Wash Jeans, Colorful Scarf

Tuck your black shirt into your jeans (you CAN leave it out if you want to) and then take a scarf of ANY color and do one of the following:

1. Lace it through your belt loop and tie it.                    


2. (If not and infinity scarf take the two end and tie together) Take the scarf in your hands and stretch your hands out so the scarf is held tight. Twist ONE of your hands so it makes an 8 and then even out the sections until they’re to your liking. Then just slip it over your head, adjust it until you’re satisfied and you’re done.


Shoes for this look depend on your personal preference, I suggest black boots or bootie heels, but anything works! ALSO feel free to work with colored shirts or patterns too!


Look 2


Plain black dress, colored belt, matching or complementing colored scarf, black sheer stockings, Black heels

Take the colored belt and put it around your waist and clip it so it’s comfortable but still is tight, this will accentuate your waist and flatter every figure. Then take the scarf and tie it like the second option above! You can totally do this look without the scarf too!