Snapshot: Know Thy Shelf - Editor-in-Chief Rachel Cisto '15

One way to get to know someone is to take a look at what they keep on their shelves. In my living room, I have a small shelving unit that my tv sits on. Here's what else sits on those shelves.

Books. I have lots of books. I really love trivia books and poetry books, so I have several of those. And yes, I do have a box of crayons. Sometimes you just need to color. Not pictured here are the "Hungover Owls" book and Lang Leav's poetry collection "Lullabies". Also cropped out of the picture are a box of colored pencils and a stack of takeout menus.

Several issues of Rolling Stone magazine - including the controversial issue featuring the Boston Marathon bomber (I love their political sections, especially), a couple of DVDs - season 2 of BBC's Sherlock and a movie called "Morning Glory", a manga book, and a Manchester Monarchs hockey puck. Fun fact, the Bruins lanyard is attached to a media pass that I grab when I run out the door chasing breaking news (which happens quite a bit.)

On the bottom shelf, a few more books that didn't fit on the top (including one of my favorites - the hardcover Strangeland coffee table book signed by two of the band members). Also prominent are some USB Nintendo controllers so I can play old N64 games on my laptop.

And then the green case.

Inside the green case, the true depths of my nerdiness.

Inside the green case, my collection of Pokemon cards. Still arranged into decks. And I still remember how to play. And I play whenever I can.

Like I said, you can learn a lot about someone by what they keep on their shelves.