Lots of Leather

Leather jackets and vest are so in this season! Find out here to get the look WITHOUT going totally broke! Leather adds an edge to any outfit, but let’s be honest here, who can afford the real deal? I’ve found some faux-leather pieces that look just as great and don’t break that bank!

Forever 21 offers this “Chic Girl Moto Jacket” in blue, black, red, and dark grey, so you’re bound to find a color that looks fab on you! The jacket is super comfortable, looks great, and is something anyone can look good in! You can wear this with a cute tee and jeans on your way to class, or use the red or blue jacket to add a pop of color to your favorite LBD when hitting the town with your crew or going on a date! Something as cute as this has got to be out of your budget, right? Nope! For $15.80, this jacket is super cute and is for sure a staple you should have in your fall/winter closet.   Maybe the jacket isn’t really going to work with your style, try a vest! The vest to the left is the “Studded Faux Leather Moto Vest” (also available in a lime/yellow color) which adds an edgy biker-y feel to any outfit. For $32.50, you get a versatile vest that will look great with a long sleeve shirt, torn jeans, and combat boots! To the right is the “Faux Leather Moto Vest,” (Also offered in Navy) is very similar to the other vest but this one is more versatile in the way it can be worn. Bother vests flatter your figure, but the vest to the right doesn’t commit you to such an edgy look and you can incorporate it into more of a variety of outfits in your closet. This vest only costs $17.50, totally worth it! You can find both of them at Forever 21.