26 Days of Kindness

Today marks the first day of the annual "26 Days of Kindness" campaign.

According to the Danbury News-Times, 25-year-old Newtown High graduate Ashley Petersen started the campaign last year as a way of memorializing those lost in the shootings. Participants are asked to do one kind act a day in the memory of the victims. The days of honor are as follows:

11/19 Day 1 Lauren Rousseau11/20 Day 2 Noah Pozner11/21 Day 3 Rachel D'Avino11/22 Day 4 Caroline Previdi11/23 Day 5 Daniel Barden11/24 Day 6 Allison Wyatt11/25 Day 7 Grace McDonnell11/26 Day 8 Charlotte Bacon11/27 Day 9 Emilie Parker11/28 Day 10 Olivia Engel11/29 Day 11 Mary Sherlach11/30 Day 12 Jack Pinto12/1 Day 13 Madeleine Hsu12/2 Day 14 Avielle Richman12/3 Day 15 Catherine Hubbard12/4 Day 16 Victoria Soto12/5 Day 17 Dylan Hockley12/6 Day 18 Jesse Lewis12/7 Day 19 Ana Grace Márquez-Greene12/8 Day 20 Anne Marie Murphy12/9 Day 21 Chase Kowalski12/10 Day 22 Ben Wheeler12/11 Day 23 Josephine Gay12/12 Day 24 James Mattioli12/13 Day 25 Jessica Rekos12/14 Day 26 Dawn Hochsprung

The event is being coordinated through a 26 Days Of Kindness Facebook page.