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You’ve Got The Right To Be Mad

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

And frankly, I’m pissed.

I am not the kind of person who gets angry about a lot, and if I am angry about something or I feel like I have been wronged I usually just suck it up and get over it. One thing that makes my blood boil; however, is being GHOSTED or just simply ignored, for no apparent reason.

For my people in the back who are not 100% sure what ghosting is, let me help you out. Ghosting is when someone you have been talking to daily (usually romantically) suddenly stops responding to your texts, answering your calls, and simply acknowledging your existence, they literally become a ghost. 

This simple act of inconsideration has become something that is normalized and joked about on the regular, but I am here to say there is nothing funny about it.

As a person who has been ghosted and simply ignored THREE DIFFERENT TIMES by men who said on their own will they wanted to hang out again and called me “perfect” just days before disappearing like Casper, being ghosted makes me want to flip a table. 

Most people, especially men “go ghost” because they are not interested anymore or because they were most likely involved with somebody else from the beginning and now it is catching up with them. 

Despite how easy ghosting may be, it is so cowardly and inconsiderate. When you ghost someone who did nothing wrong to you, you are forcing them to sit around and wonder what on earth they could have done that led you to fill them up and dispose of them like a hefty bag.

One thing that accompanies being ghosted are people who have never been ghosted telling you “no response is a response” and giving you speeches on how everything happens for a reason, and you should just be content with the situation. 

 BSSSSSSSSSSSS…….No one should have to be content with someone seeing their messages and just not responding because they do not have the balls or cannot muscle up the courage to COMMUNICATE. 

To all my ladies and gents who have been ghosted “you’ve got the right to be mad” *Solange voice*. If you have been ghosted I know it is easy to sit around and internalize the situation and to do all these reflections because it just feels like it had to be you who was the problem. 

Even if you got too clingy or you did “too much,” that still does not justify that person reading your messages and ignoring your phone calls. 

And to all my people who are out here in these streets ghosting people left and right because y’all do not have the courage to communicate DO BETTER. Us ghosties would appreciate it so much more if you “hurt our feelings” and communicated what the problem was upfront rather than us having to get into the Mystery Machine and search for clues.  

This article was inspired by “Mad” by Solange:

0:00 / 3:50 Solange – Mad ft. Lil Wayne (Official Audio) (Lyrics)          

Jamaija Rhoades

Hampton U '21

Jamaija Rhoades is a transfer student pursuing the journalism major. She aspires to be a film journalist. Jamaija would also like to open up her own movie theater that holds enrichment programs for individuals of African descent. She enjoys watching movies and writing about the themes that inspire her within these movies.
Jordyn Edwards is a graduating senior at the illustrious Hampton University studying strategic communications with an emphasis in liberal studies. Jordyn creates for others while being deeply motivated for her passion of storytelling and helping women find their voices.