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Winter Break Grind

As the semester comes to an end for Hampton University students, the excitement for winter break is at an all-time high.  Many students cannot wait to get back home and be free from all work and collegiate responsibilities. However, it is imperative that we use the winter break as a prime time to prepare ourselves for the future.

Many internship and summer programs begin looking at applicants in the beginning of the year. They usually finalize placements around the beginning of April. Using the winter break as time to search for programs and take steps toward applying for them would be a pretty good idea.

Google is an amazing resource when looking for anything! This goes for internships as well. Be sure to use key words related to your interest and focus when searching for internships through Google. There are so many sites that are solely dedicated to helping students finding internships. Be sure to search for those sights and actually use them. Lastly, social media is huge! Use it for all it is worth. Don’t use it just for talking with friends. There are professional and beneficial connections to be made through Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.

It is easy to wait until the last minute to apply for internships, but doing so will hurt you in the end. Waiting until a few days before the application is due will only causes chaos and stress upon oneself. Those that usually wait until the last minute usually do not submit applications that showcase their full potential. Be on top of your game!

Enjoy your winter break and make the best of it but don’t pass up the opportunity to plan for your future. Taking at least 30 minutes out your day to do some research that benefit you in the long run. Be proactive during the break. Though you have no academic responsibilities, there is always work to be done. 

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