Why You Need to Know Your Worth and Find Yourself Before Entering a Relationship


Before getting into the reasons behind this article sis, think about your current relationship……

Do your insecurities sometimes get in the way? Do you allow your lover to take you for granted? Are you scared to leave because you don’t know if you’ll find better?

Does everyone around you try to convince you to leave because they see it’s unhealthy? Are you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or even physically strong?

Did I strike a core, sis? Did these questions really have you thinking? If the answers to these questions were not all positive, maybe it’s time to do some evaluating boo!

Reason #1: The relationship will become TOXIC and will not last

You will find yourself becoming depressed, stressed and frustrated at anything at this point in the relationship. The arguments and issues will begin to take a toll on your body in all aspects.

Reason #2: You will find that you will have more bad times than good, and your relationship will become miserable 

Simple, no one will be happy!

Reason #3: You will find yourself allowing them to take you for granted

The person you are dating will start doing things that are normally unacceptable in committed relationships, but because you’ve forgotten the Queen you are, they know they can get away with it. They begin cheating, lying and disrespecting you because at the end of the day you don’t know you’re true worth and you give them chance after chance.

Reason #4: The respect that people have for you will be taken away

This is when not only the person you are dating is disrespecting you, but even people around you, who once may have seen you as strong and independent, will begin to lose the respect for you as well. People who looked up to you at one point will no longer be inspired by you.

Reason #5: You will forget how to LOVE YOURSELF and will allow yourself to fall

When this happens ladies, you will begin to not take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and most of all spiritually. When you once made time to groom yourself, read your bible, take relaxing days for your mental health, all of that will begin to fade. You will allow the goals you set for yourself to be placed on the back burner.