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Why Women Get More Attached During Sex: Exploring Soul Ties

Do you ever feel like as a woman you get more attached when having sex with your significant other? Or do you ever feel like you cannot let that person go even after the relationship is over? Well, the reason why is because of those soul ties, sister, and they are dangerous! Soul ties, defined by Ministering Deliverance, are “a linkage in the soul realm between two people. It links their souls together, which can bring forth both beneficial results or negative results.”

Soul ties are basically a strong spiritual connection that are formed from your heart and energy between two people. Soul ties come into play only after you are intimate with your significant other and cannot be formed any other way. If you have ever experienced a soul tie, you already know the symptoms. Most of the symptoms are you crave the person, you crave being intimate with the person, you feel emotionally and physically attached to them, and you feel like they are a part of you.

Most people have their first soul tie when they lose their virginity, especially women. I say especially women because it is also possible for men to experience and form soul ties. When you lose your virginity as a woman, you feel like your significant other took “a piece” of you. In reality, they did, and what they took “a piece” of is your soul. Our souls are very powerful and can create strong energy that can be hard to get rid of.  So, when we as women lose our virginity, that is why it is a big deal, and the person that took your virginity will always mean something to you. Even if you do not communicate, see, or like the person every time you see them or something that reminds you of them, you feel something.

Soul ties can be a very dangerous thing because they can pull at your heartstrings in ways you did not know something could. But, at the same time having/making a soul tie is a very beautiful thing. It’s a connection with someone that cannot be created by anybody else but you both. That’s what makes it so beautiful, because you both are in a way connecting both of your souls together and exuberating love to one another.

You are capable of having more than one soul tie like you are capable of having more than one partner. But the difference is each soul tie is unique and one of a kind, because they are all different from one another. The reason why they are different is because God blessed all of us with a distinct and unique aura that is our own. So, everyone radiates different energy which can create different soul ties with different people.


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