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Why spoiling your man is Essential

The honeymoon stage of a relationship is always amazing- texting constantly, spending every free moment together and spoiling each other with time, consistency and sometimes gifts. But it seems girls are expecting more and giving out less. In all actuality, spoiling your man is just as essential as him spoiling you.

Showing your love and appreciation

You want to feel loved and appreciated in your relationship. So does your man. I know ladies, we all want our man to constantly tell us why he loves us and what he adores about us the most. Consider doing the same thing for him. It’s simple, taking him out or even picking up something from the store he likes is an easy way to show him that you’re thinking about him and that you really care.

It keeps the relationship ALIVE!

 Who wants a boring and routine relationship? Keep things spicy and switch up the roles. Tell your man you’re going out and surprise him with a night out with his buddies or get him that hat he’s been looking at for weeks now online. Simple things as getting your hair a different way or getting that lingerie he loves on you is a great way to keep things spicy

Not much is just enough

Getting gifts for your man doesn’t have to be much. Don’t stress yourself out with trying to buy 2K or getting the next best kicks for your man. He will be happy with whatever you get him if he loves you. But sometimes spoiling him can make all the difference. Guys like to be pampered too. Plan a sexy night for the both or you, or a cute date at his favorite place.

Its just as important to spoil your boo like he spoils you. Don’t let your man feel the need to drift from your grip over lack of affection and love. Do what you gotta do girl! And spoil that man!

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