Why Netflix Original “You” Is a Must Watch

You is currently Netflix’s new TV series that has captured the attention of many around the world. The series only had one season in which Netflix will be renewing for its second season. The You series originally aired on Lifetime for about ten weeks, but the ratings weren’t high. Netflix had then acquired the rights to the series in early 2018, thus streaming the series the day after Christmas. As described by Netflix, You is about “a charming first encounter quickly turns into something more nefarious when bookstore manager Joe takes a very strong liking to grad student Beck.” What the overview really means is that Joe stalks Beck and does some crazy things to make Becks life “better.” Even though Joe is a stalker, why are millions intrigued by this show and Joe the bookstore manager?


Joe caught the attention of many viewers due to his sociopathic ways. Being able to hear Joe’s thoughts while he’s being a stalker is also what fascinated viewers. Viewers were able to hear Joe’s reasoning as to why he was doing certain things for Beck. Not often are you able to hear the thoughts in psycho's minds when watching television.  The way Joe is able to take his stalking to the highest extreme that it almost seems unreal is what viewers like. The ability of producers and directors to make the audience feel sympathy, lust, and love for this character is true TV. Many viewers described the show as intriguing and thrilling. At the end of every episode was a cliffhanger that made you want to continue the show until you were finished. You also had the most important components to keeping viewers intrigued and ratings high. Many people have also watched this series because many who watched Gossip Girl see this as a spinoff for one of the GG characters, Dan Humphrey. Viewers took to Twitter to voice their theories on Joe the bookstore manager.

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This series has to be one of the best series on Netflix that is out right now. It’s a mix between Gossip Girl and a serious case of Criminal Minds. Not only is the series entertaining, it shines light on the seriousness of social media and stalking in today’s society. The messages sent throughout the series shouldn’t be taking lightly especially to younger viewers. The series is definitely on my favorites list and if anything, I’ll definitely will re-watch it.