What's Good Black America

Each week there is always something going on in the Black Community. Whether it is Black Twitter debating if grits or oatmeal is better. Or Chris Brown and Iman Shumpert facing criminal trouble. No matter what the news is, it is important. We also know that mainstream media doesn’t always give “Black News” much coverage.

This year Her Campus- Hampton U will bring you top stories from our community. We hope to give insight on news that’s not so mainstream. Look forward to What’s Good Black America each week!  

Here are our top stories for the week:

South Africa’s First Female Pilot is Now Helping Others 

In a CNN interview, Ashnath Mahapa said “When I told my father I wanted to become a pilot, he never even entertained the idea.” Now Mahapa is South Africa’s first female pilot.  Her determination pulled her to a pilot’s seat. When she enrolled in flight school, she wasn’t prepared for the tedious experience. She pushed through and at 22 years old she was the first female in her country to fly high. She didn’t stop there and opened her own flight school, the African College of Aviation. She hopes to show men there are no limits to a woman and support other female pilots.

Michelle and Barack Obama grace Essence’s Cover

We all are dreading the day when we have to say goodbye to the Obamas. They make even harder when they do incredible thing; from Michelle’s DNC speech to Barack’s cute baby pictures. This time their love is captured on the cover of Essence. The Obama’s legacy will be featured in the October issue of Essence.  They discuss their time in the White House, the current state of the nation and what they hope to teach others. President Obama tells Essence, “….I can unequivocally say that America is better off now than we were when we came into office. By almost economic measure, we’re better off…But having said that, we still have a lot of work to do.”

Solange Breaks Down Race Relations on Twitter

Black Twitter gives us news before it hits mainstream media. On Friday, Solange Knowles broke down why some Blacks don’t feel safe in America. On her Twitter page she explained her experiences at a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. She stated that there were only about 20 blacks out 1500 people at the concert. Excited to educate her son and to enjoy her favorite song, Solange began to dance. Four white women proceeded to yell at them to “sit down now” and then throw limes at their back. Solange said she did not go to the concert expecting to “bring the drama” in front of her son and his friend.

West Virginia Volleyball Team

For the past few weeks the nation has been discussing whether it was morally right for Kaepernick to protest the nation anthem. Well, I was taught in school when a group or person doesn’t agree with the state of a situation they protest. That’s just what Kaepernick and three West Virginia Volleyball Team members did.  According to WSAZ Channel 3  Keyonna Morrow, Jade Berry, and Roytihala Brown took a stance by kneeling during the national anthem. Even though they lost, they’ve made a powerful scene throughout sports. Morrow says that she hopes everyone starts discussing why they took the stance and not what they did. She says, “You don’t have to like it, but I ask that you respect it.”

Man Freed After Attacking Wife’s Attempted Rapist

All charges were dropped for Mamadou Diallo on Wednesday, September 7. Diallo had multiple assault charges pending against him according to the New York Daily News.  He was jailed in May for striking his wife’s attempted rapist in the Bronx. His wife called him for help, while he was driving his cab. Diallo then came home and killed his wife’s attacker. The charges were lowered from manslaughter to assault. Today he is a free man. His wife, Nenegale Diallo, says, “I think they did the right thing because he was defending me, that’s what a husband does.”

Hampton University is named 2016 September School of the Month

You didn’t think I would end this, without shouting out my own school? Hampton University has been selected as Tom Joyner Foundation’s 2016 September School of the Month. One of the foundation’s goals is to help sustain HBCUs and help young adults prepare for college. Throughout our month alumni, friends, and supporters can donate to Hampton.  Malik Jones, a senior journalism major, was recently awarded the $1,500 Hercules Scholarship. To learn more about Jones and the Tom Joyner Foundation click here.

This week I challenge you to look at the other side of the story or dig for those unknown stories. We will provide our favorite stories each week, however it is going to take more than that. In order for the Black Community to be perceived in a positive image we have to start highlighting our own stories.

Be great Black America,

Tiara Sargeant