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What We’ll Miss About the Obamas

The 2016 Presidential Election is over, and the realization is finally kicking in that the Obama Administration is ending in two months. Many of us at Her Campus Hampton U can’t fathom not having the Obamas as our First Family anymore. The past eight years has truly been a privilege to watch them grow in the White House. Here are a few things we will miss about the Obamas.  

President Obama’s relatable personality

President Obama is known for being very relatable and able to connect with everyday citizens. Even when watching him on TV, he seems like a regular, nice guy you could sit down and have coffee with. While on the one hand appearing highly intelligent as well as formally educated, he appears very hands-on, even aware of pop culture, on the other hand. President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have these qualities, so we’ll miss having these personality traits in our President.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s Bromance

Everyone loves a good bromance and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden seem to have the perfect one. They started out as political opponents, but as years went by their friendship blossomed into a full blown bromance. On Obama’s 55th birthday, Joe Biden made friendship bracelets and tweeted “Happy birthday Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever.” We’ll miss all the fun moments they’ve shared with us together and the clear bond they’ve made as friends.

Malia and Sasha Obama

We have had the pleasure of watching First Daughters Malia and Sasha grow up. We first saw them as young elementary school girls and over the years they have blossomed into beautiful, educated young women. How wonderful it would be if spirits of the free and enslaved African Americans that built the White House could see them. We will truly miss the wonderful Obama girls.

FLOTUS’s style and grace

No one can deny that having Michelle Obama as our FLOTUS has been nothing short of amazing. The Harvard graduate has been arguably one of the most influential FLOTUS’ of all time with all the different programs she’s implemented like Let’s Move and Let Girls Learn. Her intelligence, class and beauty have given so many young girls and women a role model to look up to. Mrs. Obama as FLOTUS will truly be missed.

The romance of POTUS and FLOTUS

We smile just thinking about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s relationship. The love that flows between these two is so genuine and you can tell that they have so much respect for each other. It really has been amazing to see the most powerful black man in the United States honor and love his wife-a black woman. We will really miss the full display of black love coming from our POTUS and FLOTUS!


Overall, having the Obama’s as our First Family was so enjoyable and inspirational. There may never be another First Family like them.

Taylor Johnson hails from Los Angeles (Pasadena) California. She is a junior, Broadcast Journalism major with an area of emphasis in Theatre. Some of her favorite pass times are hanging out with friends, eating good food, watching Law & Order SVU and singing her little heart out (in the shower). Taylor aspires to one day be a television personality and to be the main TV correspondent for E! News. She is also an avid writer and hopes to publish her first novel by the time she’s twenty five. If you want to learn more about Taylor you can go to her blog: www.confessionsofatwentysomethingdramaqueensite.wordpress.com OR just follow her on Twitter: _Tay_Jay or Instagram: Taylorgrace_jay
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