What we Really Hate About Thanksgiving

The time we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived— a few days off from classes, good home cooked meals, time with family, and more. Thanksgiving Break is a time to relax and prepare for finals while we also spend time with family and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. But, let’s be honest, as much as we love going home for a few days there are some things that can be annoying during Thanksgiving break.

1. All of the questions

How are your classes going? What boys are you talking to? What are you doing after graduation? The list goes on and on. Honestly, nobody wants to answer these when we come home just to enjoy the holiday with family. Those few days away from campus are so necessary and sometimes we just want to be able to enjoy our time not having to worry about anything related to our school.

2. Posting pictures of your plate

Please, please, please do not post a picture of your plate on Instagram of your Grandma’s mac-and-cheese and Auntie’s turkey. We’re all eating the same thing, why do we care to see yours? Post your cute outfits though, we love to see those, but honestly, the plates can stay in your camera roll because your news feed doesn’t care.

3. The bloating from the food

Carbs and sugar is totally disregarded during this holiday, right? True, but when we want to wear our cute bodycon dresses and remember that after the second plate our stomach is poking a little too much. Bloating sucks, especially when everyone is trying to take pictures and you have to find the right angles so you don’t look like a cow in the pictures. But, to avoid this wear something loose and cute or simply throw on a fur vest or cute outerwear to cover it up and eat all you want.

4. Seeing high school friends that aren’t really “friends” anymore

Thanksgiving break is a time to reconcile with friends back at home that you haven’t seen since you left during the summer, but it gets awkward when you realize that you’re on two completely different levels sometimes. Freshman year this is more relevant because that’s when everyone realizes that your high school friends may have been just that, high school friends.


Those are some things that we hate about Thanksgiving break, but that doesn’t take the joy away from the holiday. Travel safely home and have a Happy Thanksgiving from Her Campus. Xoxo.