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What is “Talking”?

This is a term our generation is a little too familiar with. Many describe it as the stage before dating, the getting to know you period or even dating in their eyes. But what exactly is talking, and what are the limits on what you can and cant do?

Many people feel if you’re not making “us” official, then why should I abide by any rules you set, or just be limited to only you? Talking has become our generation’s excuse for not settling down. It’s a way to keep someone you’re really feeling close to you and give them elements of a relationship without a commitment. But if this is the case for most situations, why do we settle?

Joseph Gaither, a junior journalism major from Maryland, feels the talking stage is the getting to know you stage.“That’s honestly what talking is for me. If I’m spending time with you constantly and putting in effort to get to know you its for the long run. But for other guys, this might be different.”

Most intentions are good and the outcome is ultimately to end up in a loving relationship with someone you can call your best friend, boo, or bae. But in some cases you might get stuck with Mr. Wrong, someone who wants to string you along until they’re serious.

“Girls settle for the next best thing to make sure they don’t lose the person they’re interested in. So instead of up together they just try to make it work the best they can and change their partners mind down the line”

We all see the different sides of talking. But maybe you want to be on the good end of it. Don’t worry girl, all guys aren’t the same, but just make sure your “talkingship” doesn’t turn into the status of your relationship.

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