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What Planner Should I Buy? The Happy Planner vs. Erin Condren

Everyone knows that getting a planner is one of the golden keys to a successful semester. But what no one talks about is what planner to get. I myself am a planner fanatic and will spend hours poring over tabs or no tabs, hourly or weekly planning, coil or binding. Planners from Walmart and Target never suit my fancy. Occasionally, I’ll find a good Eccolo Ltd. planner at TJMaxx but I am super picky (whoever is with me promptly walks away once I start looking at planners if that gives you any indication LOL). 


After failed luck in the aisles of Target and Walmart, I started ordering my planners. Last year, I bought a Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas and this year I opted for an Erin Condren. I’m going to give you all the pros and cons of both so you can decide for yourself which one will assist you this Hot Girl Semester!  


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The Happy Planner


  • Removable pages per the discbound system so your planner can grow or shrink as your year progresses 

  • Unique planning styles (hourly, monthly, and even bullet journaling)

  • Multiple size options are mini (4 ⅝ x 7) classic (7 x 9 ¼ ) or big (8 ½ x 11)

  • Doesn’t bleed through

  • Laminated cover for optimal durability

  • Website offers dated or undated, teacher or student planners 



  • Discbound system can be bulky 

  • Pages can get ripped if you keep removing them and putting them back

  • Big planner size is actually BIG (I spent many a morning trying to shove it into my purse only to end up carrying it to class) 

  • Can’t choose the start month 

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Erin Condren 


  • Purchase a binder, coil (gold, rose gold, black, or silver) or traditionally bound planner  

  • Customizable covers right down to the color scheme (get your initials, full name, favorite quote or Megan song lyric) 

  • They have a planner personality quiz to help narrow down your options 

  • Laminated cover for optimal durability

  • Academic planner fulfills all of your needs with several “projects & exams” pages as well as daily sections for your class schedule, work, and to do’s

  • They collab with amazing organizations like Gigi’s Playhouse (a network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

  • Website offers wedding planners, kids’ planners, life, teacher, student, and a Focused collection (for my minimal babes) 



  • Not much space for goal setting 

  • Comes with one sheet of “study group,” “no class,” “midterm,” etc. stickers which is not enough to get through the year 

  • The biggest con for me: Shipping took quite a long time (ordered August 13, arrived September 10)   

Photo: https://lilbitsofchic.com/2015/01/my-erin-condren-life-planner-how-to.html 

The price for both of these planners depends on what type you decide to purchase and how you customize it. For example, choosing a gold coil on the Erin Condren planner adds $10 to your order. 

Overall, I’m in love with the Erin Condren (EC) planner and I’m glad that I made the switch from the Happy Planner. The EC was worth every penny and might have even been worth the month long wait. However, these are not the only planners on the market. Some other brands are: Eccolo Ltd., Plum Paper, and Inkwell Press. But whichever planner you decide to grab, use it to its full potential! Remember, planners are like people – you just have to find yours!


Cassie Herring

Hampton U '21

Cassie Herring is a graduating Senior English major from Woodbridge, Virginia. She is the current Senior Editor of Hampton University's HC Chapter. She is also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and Co-President of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. In her free time, she can be found writing poetry or listening to R&B. In the future, Cassie plans to earn her PhD and teach the collegiate level to empower the next generation of leaders.
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