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What To Expect When You Don’t Bring a Bae Home for Thanksgiving

Gobble! Gobble! Its Thanksgiving and you’re still single. If you have a family like mine that is full of college sweethearts then you are bound to hear the question “When you gon’ bring a man home?” Of course you were expecting the “How’s school” question. However,  your Aunt Judy decided not to beat around the bush. Being single in this day and age is common, but  you’re still going to have to take a few shots from your loved ones who aren’t quite used to it. So here are five things that will occur when you show up to Thanksgiving dinner “baeless” and how to counter act them with positive vibes.

1. “Since you don’t have any “distractions” occurring in your life, you better be on that Deans List.” Your family will grill you about academics. But hey, as long as you’re on the Deans List you shouldn’t break a sweat. Pull up the Hampton U or Blackboard app on your phone and show your fam what you’ve been working towards.  

2. “Are you gay? You still like guy’s right?” Yes, Aunt Judy I still like guys. However, my community service and extracurricular involvement this year is through the roof.  For every negative, counter with a positive. Tell them about campus life, families love to reminisce about their college experience.

3. “Since you don’t have any company to entertain, come help out in the kitchen.”  It never hurts to learn a little something, something in the kitchen. You will most likely be on dish duty. So schedule a mani after Black Friday shopping.

4.  “Go sit with the kids!” Even though you’re 20 or older,  you will be forced to sit with the kids. While the adults are sipping wine and winding down, you’ll be hanging with your ten-year old cousin that wants to know why boys are stupid. But it’s your job to make the best of it. Have them teach you the latest dance craze. You just might become their favorite cousin.

5. “The best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Girl you better cook for him!” The older and wiser generation will give you tips on how to snag a man. There’s nothing wrong with learning from the best. Take their wisdom and put it to great use so you don’t show up single next year.

It’s always great to get off of campus and see your loving family. Take their tips and life lessons into consideration and finish off the semester strong. Don’t worry about being baeless this Thanksgiving. You never know, you might bring a guest home for Christmas. 

Des'Tini "Butter" LaGrone is a sophomore Journalism major, minoring in Spanish at Hampton University. She hails from St.Louis, Missouri and encourages others to be a Goal Digger.
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