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What to Expect at the herHBCU Digital Conference

Starting on October 20th, Her Campus will be hosting the first-ever herHBCU Conference. The herHBCU Conference is primarily for minority college women interested in pursuing a career in the media industry. Workshops will be led by Her Campus members from Hampton University, Howard, Clark Atlanta, Spelman, and North Carolina A&T.  Now that you have a little overview of what the conference is let’s get into some of these workshops!

    One of the amazing workshops that will be held is HER Declassified Writer’s Survival Guide led by the Da’Zhane Johnson, CC and editor-in-chief for HC Clark Atlanta chapter, Cassie Herring, chief editor for HC Hampton U chapter, and Makailah Gause, chief editor for HC Howard Chapter. This workshop offers tips to become a better writer. If you’re interested in honing your craft and taking your writing skills to the next level, you better tune into this session on October 20th at 6PM EST. 

    Interested in starting your own club? Are you a newly appointed president or vice president? This workshop is for you! Kiara David, campus correspondent for HC Hampton Chapter, and Jamiya Kirkland, Campus Correspondent for HC Howard chapter, will be hosting How To Have A Great E-board. They will talk about building a strong foundation for your entire organization through the e-board and other essential pointers including tips about building a chapter, staying on top of deadlines, maintaining great communication, and staying in sync with other e-board members. This workshop will be held on October 20th at 6PM EST.

The Content Corner workshop is for those who passionately build the social media presence of their chapter. This event will be hosted by Raven Harper, editor and former head of social media for HC Hampton Chapter, Kiana Stevenson, social media director of HC Clark Atlanta Chapter, and Lauren Obi, social media director of HC Howard chapter. These brilliant panelists will discuss content creation, management, and planning. This event will be held on October 20th at 6PM EST. 

    Calling all small business owners! Sienna Nelson, founder and CEO of White L’Ephant, will be dropping gems in The Hustler’s Club workshop. In this workshop you will learn about how small business owners grow their companies from the ground up. Participants will learn how to create a name for their business, how to draw up their own business plans, and how to implement different concepts. This workshop isn’t just for the newbies either. If you have an established business, you’ll learn new tips on how to develop further and network so that business can grow. This event will be held on October 21st, at 6PM EST. 

    Need some help manifesting? Jasmine Kromah, content creator and host of Women Of Rooted podcast, will be hosting Think Happy Thoughts. This workshop will help women speak their goals into existence through positive affirmations, create actionable 5-year plans, discover the benefits of journaling, and much more! This workshop will be held on October 21st, at 6PM EST. 

    To stay updated follow @hchamptonu on instagram, and be sure to register for the events by visiting the link here!

Vashti Dorman

Hampton U '22

Vashti Dorman is a junior Journalism major studying at Hampton University from Dallas, Texas.
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