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This preconceived notion that virgins are either boring, inexperienced, unaware of their body or just completely naive to the topic of sex which, is absolutely false.

This may possibly be the complete opposite of what actually goes through the minds of most virgins. Men, and especially women are believed to have a greater sense of their own body and a better idea of what they’ll possibly like once they decide to have sex. People usually lose their virginity between the ages of 14 and 17, but most usually regret their decision. Society projects sex as something vulgar and unladylike or something that should only be enjoyed by the likes of men, which creates this insecurity that causes many individuals to concede into acts that they’re not completely comfortable with or proceed to make decisions that can’t be taken back, such as losing their virginity.

Consensual sex should be enjoyed by both parties with respect of each other’s boundaries in mind. Most virgins bounce around the same few questions: How would my first time be? Would it be good for the other person? Should I just get it out the way? The question they should be asking is, “Do I know my body well enough to enjoy sex when the time comes?” Knowing your body and what you like is imperative to you and your partner enjoying one another.

Masturbation is the best way to understand your sexual needs. Most women allow men to diagnose what’s best for them in the bedroom, but that is the worst way to go about things. Explore the different ways to pleasure yourself and keep track of the things you liked and didn’t like. Remain open-minded to the items and the different techniques that could be used during this process. Don’t be afraid to do some research and discover the different possibilities.

Vibrators, films, and etc can all contribute to your overall experience, so don’t be ashamed to discover this side of yourself, even as a virgin. Masturbation also gives a woman, especially virgins a greater sense confidence and awareness. Great sex steams from both parties understanding their likes and dislikes, but if you’re unable to understand or discover your personal needs it may be a struggle for you once you decide to lose your virginity. Most virgins don’t understand how vital it is to know their own bodies before they perform sexual intercourse. Women, let alone virgins should embrace the ability pleasure themselves.

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