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Twitches: The Winner and My Inspiration

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There is no debate as to whether Twitches or Halloweentown is better. But, ladies, I think we can honestly say Twitches is, in fact, the winner. Twitches is a unique story following twin sisters going on a journey to fight against the darkness or really their uncle and find out that their birth parents are royalty of a secret magical kingdom. The story stars Tia and Tamara Mowry. I will be the first to say that this is by far one of the best Disney movies to hit Disney Channel. It is a heartwarming story featuring siblings putting aside their differences and lifestyles to accomplish a common goal of fighting against the main antagonist. I believe Halloweentown has nothing on Twitches. Here are the top three things I enjoyed from the movie! 


It is honestly the clothes for me. I will say that these twins were not playing when it came to their clothes. Their clothing was based had a combination of chic and boho, and honestly, I am here for it. In addition to the clothes, let’s talk about the hairstyles. The natural hair displayed throughout the movie was giving long hair do not care to say the least.

2.Set Design

If there is one place I would like to go to, it would be that castle. The castle was introduced when they saw their biological mother in a royal setting. The inside of the magical kingdom was amazing. The color scheme was fantastic, and the atmosphere was breathtaking. The castle had a combination of traditional with a hint of modernism. I wish I could take a tour to see that scenery. Another place I would enjoy going to is Tamara’s house in the film. Who has a private tennis court outside their house? Well, Tamara does! She also had a genuinely fabulous background pool.

3.Special Effects

One of the best parts of this movie was the special effects. The twins have magical powers that are created with their hands to create spells in the film. They use their abilities to fight the darkness. The way it is shown within the movie is impressive. The magical powers look so real like as if their powers were real.

In addition, I feel that Disney really impacted my life and other African American girls because the movie featured people who looked like me. I love how this story displays two African American women in a positive and outstanding light. During my childhood, there was not a lot of African American representation in movies and television shows for kids. Disney Channel made the courageous effort to show people who looked just like me when we were not shown or heard. The twins had a nice wardrobe and also featured their natural hair. In addition, Twitches II showed the twins going to college, which was also an inspiration to me. Many people around me within my family and neighborhood did, in fact, not go to college. Coming from my neighborhood, Bed-Stuy, many students my age could not afford college and further their education. Seeing this movie, amongst other things, encouraged me to find the means to go to college. With this being stated, more movies should be produced so African Americans can be seen positively to inspire the next generation to be the best and achieve the best.

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