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Turning a New Leaf This Fall: How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

Starting a new season is often known as a reset for most people. Transitioning into fall is the perfect time to be out with the old and in with the new. It is never too late to want to better yourself. You may look at the title and ask yourself what is a spiritual journey, and how do I start it? Well, first, you have already begun your spiritual journey, and you just haven’t realized it yet. You have to remember we are all spiritual beings in human form, and your soul will live on after you like it lived before you. With that being said, a spiritual journey or spiritual awakening in the simplest definition is: finding self-love, self-peace, and self-realization. However, keep in mind everyone’s journey is different, but from personal experience and massive research, I have developed five strategies that will help you begin your journey.

Now here are some disclaimers before I go more in-depth on this topic. First, Being in-touch with your spiritually doesn’t mean that you are rejecting your religion. Your spiritual journey is between you and yourself. Lastly, you don’t have to go and buy a million candles, burn sage, and pay $50 for a spiritual card reading. All the steps I’m about to name cost you nothing but your time and mind. So now that that’s out the way, let’s begin. 


Prayer is the first step. Almost every religion has a God or someone of a higher power. Prayer is so vital because we, as humans, can only help ourselves to a certain extent. Prayer will guide you and redirect your energy in ways that will only benefit you. Prayer can also help us gain perspective on why certain things are happening in your life. When praying, you open the door to something greater than you and me. We don’t always have all the answers to life, and sometimes we have to understand that to gain the peace we need.

Change your diet 

With the seasons changing from hot too cold, our minds automatically think it’s time to eat, especially with everyone’s favorite holiday coming up. But eating habits play a massive role in our energy. Many people don’t realize the importance of their diet. Scientific research shows that eating healthy can drastically change your mood and your way of life. And of course, everything is okay in moderation, but you have to make the first step.

Find your safe space 

Finding space is extremely important. This space is where you will pray, meditate, write, and just breathe. The world can become so chaotic; it’s essential to have somewhere where you don’t feel overwhelmed with the outside world. And luckily, space doesn’t have to be in your room or even in your house. It could be your local park or even your car. But wherever you decide, make sure it’s a space that you feel most connected to the earth and all its glory. 


Meditation is a powerful and cost-free treatment known to help those who suffer from depression and anxiety. However, meditation will also improve your health and immune system, reduce your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol levels. Mediation isn’t only good for physical health; it’s too good for your mental health. Studies have shown that it also improves self-awareness and self-esteem. Mediation isn’t easy, but there are so many videos and books about correctly shutting down your mind. 


Educate yourself 

As humans, as I said earlier we never will know the answers to everything, but we can obtain as much knowledge about ourselves and others as we can before our time on earth is over. This step is vital for self-improvement. Expanding your experience on human existence will not only bring you more peace, but it will give life more purpose. It will help answer questions like who you are and who you can become.

 These five steps are just the beginning. There are so many ways you can become more in tune with your spiritual side. Remember, everything takes time; nothing is done overnight. Through your journey, you will learn to be your best self. You will be at peace with the plan that God and the universe have for you. I wish you the best.

Korrin Swinton is a first year journalism major at the illustrious Hampton University. Korrin expresses herself through her writing and visual art. She aspires to be a professional journalists and creative director for a magazine. She also does special occasions and special effects makeup on her free-time. To see all her work follow her via Instagram: @LookByRin.
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