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Turn Your Instagram Boyfriend Into Your Real Life Bae

When a hot girl semester turned into a quarantine semester and a corona-filled summer, ladies everywhere thought, “how am I going to find my college bae?” “What am I going to do about my campus boo?” Many of us were in distress and that’s exactly when Instagram became more of a dating app than anything. It’s going down in the DMs more than ever with social distancing and people hiding their looks behind masks. People are finding their baes left and right on Instagram. Want to find out how they’re doing it? Just keep reading.


Step 1: Perfect Your Profile

First, you want to make sure your Instagram profile looks up to par. Just make sure you are comfortable with whomever seeing everything on your account, and that includes your highlights! Trust me, these boys are looking at your highlights if you have some on your page! Try to have a variety of pictures on your instagram. What I mean by that is to try to have different types of outfits in each picture, different hairstyles, a mixture of poses and facial expressions, different backgrounds, all types of angles and lighting, etc. You want to make your Instagram profile look fun and more interesting than an average girl’s profile. You should want your crush to feel like you’re not regular or basic because I’m a hundred percent sure you’re the opposite of that. 


Step 2: Finding Your Bae’s Page

To find your crush’s Instagram profile, attempt the easiest and most basic search there is: type in his first and last name, then see what comes up. If that doesn’t work, try to see if you have any mutual friends or if he might be in any of your friends’ classes - but be discreet with it. You don’t want him finding out that you’re looking for him, it may complicate things. Hopefully the second option works, but if it doesn’t you can always check to see if he is a part of any sports teams or organizations on campus. Once you do find his page, follow him and just patiently wait for a follow back. What usually helps with getting a follow back is making sure it’s clear somewhere on your profile that you go to Hampton. That will make him think that you just saw him around campus somewhere, and not like you’re a stranger just trying to follow him. I would say to give him a 24-48 hour window to follow back. If he doesn’t eventually, just unfollow him and leave him where you found him


Step 3: After The Follow Back

In the case that he does follow you back, (and he probably will) just be mindful of what you post. You don’t want him to have a negative opinion of you before you guys have your first conversation. So just post some cute pictures or videos, maybe something you’re passionate about, some funny memes, or even something from one of your favorite artists. If he’s an outgoing person, he may comment on one of these posts and start a conversation with you.


Step 4: Securing The Bag

Now the next step is going in for the kill. Here’s the easiest way to shoot your shot without having to directly say it to him. You go to his profile and you like two to three random pics. If he thinks you’re pretty or his type, it's guaranteed that he will like a few of your pictures in return. Don’t sweat it if he doesn’t immediately do it back, just give it some time. He might be busy. Once he does like some pics, give it some time. Don’t make yourself seem desperate and immediately direct message him after. Wait and see if he messages you first. If it’s been a week, then it’s all up in the air. You can continue to wait and see if he will DM you or you could pick one of the pictures that you liked on his page, send it to him with some heart eyes, and see where that gets you. Hopefully, it lands you a spot in his messages instead of just a permanent seat in his DMs


Step 5: Consistent Conversation

Once you guys get to texting each others’ phones, take it slow. There’s no rush girl. Get to know who he is as a person, what he likes to do for fun, if he’s employed, his major, his goals after college, his favorite things, etc. You want to make sure he looks just as good on the inside as you thought he did on the outside. A lot of guys nowadays will look soooo handsome but their conversation and communication skills suck! You definitely don’t want a guy like that. After getting to know him for some weeks, see how consistent he has been with texting you and see if he asks to FaceTime or video chat with you. If not, give it some more time. Maybe if you’re brave enough, you’ll ask him to FaceTime and see what he says. If he declines a FaceTime request, don’t take it personally. Just remove him from your options because that’s usually a little suspect. 

After all these steps, you can choose how to proceed with the young man. Everyone has their own morals and ways they choose to deal with relationships. So stick with what you think is best for you and what you’re comfortable with. This article just outlined tips on how to bag your man. Hopefully, everything goes the way you expect it to but if it doesn’t just remember you’re a hot girl all year round. Anybody would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend.

Hey, my name is Taliah Muhammad. I am a third year International Studies major on the Pre-Law track at the illustrious Hampton University. I love to style outfits for people and discuss politics! I’m very excited to be apart of the Hampton U chapter of Her Campus this year, and I can’t wait to see everything we accomplish!
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