Trump’s Border Wall

Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has pushed “border security” although his idea of border security is really to build a giant wall. There is so much controversy over the building of a wall. Is it really helping our country?


Currently, the battle between democrats and republicans has stalled the process of building the wall. Democrats feel that the wall is ineffective and do not want to validate Trump’s conservative immigration policies. At the same time, some Republicans are demanding funding for the wall while others are rescinding their endorsement for Trump’s wall by using the government shutdown as a bargaining chip to spur funding for the wall.

In recent news, Trump is trying to make a deal for funding by extending orders for Temporary Protected Status for over 300,000 immigrants. The purpose of this program is to allow citizens to return home safely if they came illegally as children and are protected by the DACA program. He, in return, requests $5.7 billion for border control on the southern border. House Democrats were ready to give Trump the $5.7 billion just not for the wall until he ended the government shutdown. Instead of building a wall the Democrats want to give the money to make improvements in border security like new sensors, drones, more immigration judges, border patrol personnel and other things.

Twitter Fingers

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted a slogan for his wall, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL.” But many studies have shown that this isn’t a true statement. In an Oxford study of the correlation between the crime of foreign born criminals and the amount of foreign born population in America, it has shown that there are more people who are foreign born in the general population than those that are in the prison population. The same study has found that rather immigrants more likely to be the victims of crime but are less likely to report the crime in fear of the police and deportation. While he claims that many of the immigrants that he is trying to keep out are the one committing violent crimes and are bringing drugs into the country studies show that that is a false statement also. Studies show that more second generation immigrants are the ones that commit these crimes but aren’t as likely to commit these crimes when they have financial stability.


Clapback at Nancy Pelosi

According to The New York Times, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi told the President that she will not allow him to give his State of the Union Address until the government shutdown is over. In response to this, Trump said that that was “her prerogative.” This shows Trump's disregard for the people in the second longest shutdown in history.


Will America’s leaders ever make a decision and end the suffering of over 800,000 workers? Will this wall actually keep immigrants and drugs out of U.S. borders? Only time will tell.