Transitioning from Winter Fashion to Spring Fashion

Anybody else sad to say that fur season is almost over? The season of spring represents leaping forward and evolving- With that being said, it’s time to evolve these wardrobes from cold season blues to the fun season of colors. It’s almost time to say goodbye to the freezing cold and bare trees. That means it’s time to say hello to the colorful season of spring.

It may seem like a hard transition to go from winter fashion to spring, however it doesn’t have to be. It’s that time when it’s too warm to walk around with a coat, yet it’s too chilly to walk around with sundress. Here are a few tips to make this fashion transition a bit simpler.


Pastels and Patterns

In the winter a lot of black is worn- ditch the black and incorporate some nudes into your look. Nude dusters are a great staple to a spring closet, the color screams warm weather and the style screams spring. This is an exciting season; for college senior’s graduation is approaching and for underclassmen summer break is coming. It’s a happy season, so your clothes must show it. Incorporate patterns into your look. No, that doesn’t mean you need to wear floral from head to toe, but a fun pair of grid pants will do your spring style justice.

Tone the layers down

Layering is everyone’s favorite part of winter and the layering doesn’t have to stop in spring, but it does have to lighten up. Instead of sweaters, scarfs, and coats. Try some denim layering, a lighter option that is still highly fashionable. Spring layering looks more like button downs and light parkas- no more fur stoles and long wool coats.

Ditch the fur for a trench coat

Faux Fur is fun to dress with when it’s cold out, but as it warms up that fashion statement gets thrown out the window until chilly weather comes creeping back months later. Trench coats are the perfect alternative to fur for the spring. You can still strut campus like the diva you are with a trench coat and be on your celebrity status. If a trench coat isn’t much of your style, a bomber would be just as acceptable to wear for spring.

From over-the-knee to peep-toe

The sexiness of over-the-knee boots during the winter is priceless, but admit it- we all miss our cute peep-toe booties, do we not? Spring isn’t warm enough for sandals yet, but a little bit of toes certainly doesn’t hurt. Pointy toe pumps are also a timeless piece for spring. Pairing a pop of color pump with your prints in the spring gives you the classic look for this season.