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Top 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

Give thanks and eat good food! For the average college student, Thanksgiving is the holiday break that they look forward to the most. We look forward to filling our stomachs with nutritious food after being deprived of our mother’s warm, flavorful meals cooked with all the love in the world! (That love is definitely something that the standard college cafeteria lacks.) 


Macaroni and Cheese

The INFAMOUS  macaroni and cheese. A crowd favorite! Not only is this dish everyone’s first choice, but it’s a recipe that must be learned and perfected. You can’t show up to dinner with the macaroni and cheese if it’s not top tier! Get in the kitchen with your mom, grandma, auntie or whoever, to learn that recipe.


Candied Yams

If you know about the yam and macaroni combo, you know! Candied yams are not your average sweet potato. As my mother would say, we “doctor it up” to make them irresistibly sweet and delicious. Another crowd pleaser and keeps them coming back for more!


Red Velvet Cake

This happens to be my personal favorite because of how moist it is – it just melts in my mouth. The cream cheese frosting just makes my taste buds explode with excitement! The red color makes it even more attractive and festive on the holiday table. You can also enjoy this dessert with pecan toppings and cake crumbs to top it all off.



A staple of Thanksgiving and a good way to get your vegetables in! Greens are one of the many dishes that are essential to a perfect Thanksgiving holiday. Full of flavor, they satisfy all of your taste buds’ needs.



Whether you call it dressing or stuffing, it doesn’t matter. It’s another staple of Thanksgiving dinner and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it. Not many know what actually goes into making this dish but what they do know is that it will be one of the first on their plate!



Most people prefer the ham to the turkey. It may be the honey glaze or the pineapples that makes people gravitate towards it. Such a sweet, savory and moist alternative to the turkey.


Peach Cobbler

Another great dessert that leaves mouths watering. This is one that has people lining up at the oven waiting anxiously for its appearance on the kitchen counter.


Mashed Potatoes

Oh, a classic. You can never go wrong with a good mashed potato and homemade (or store bought) gravy. If you’re not the greatest cook in your family, take on this dish. It’s extremely hard to mess up.


Sweet Potato Pie

Now we introduce the more sophisticated cousin of candied yams, sweet potato pie. When it is topped with whipped cream, it makes the perfect dessert. Better make sure to grab your slice before it’s all gone!



The start of the show. You can’t have a thanksgiving without the Thanksgiving turkey. Some deep fry or bake and some actually stuff their turkeys. It doesn’t matter how you like your turkey, just make sure you actually have one!


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