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To Post or Not to Post: Do We Need Instagram’s Validation?

Got a new boo that you really, really, really like? And the two of you have been together for what seems like forever? It’s like, he does everything right. He texts back on time, all the time, makes time for you, and sometimes even buys you food? (Now, we all know the key to us ladies’ hearts is food). PLUS, he’s fine AF?! It’s time to let the ‘Gram know about this man…or is it?

Many women have different perspectives about the whole “social media + relationships” conversation. On one hand, some women believe that reaching the “Instagram post” stage of the relationship is significant, and by posting their significant other, and by their significant other posting them, this signifies that they are very open about their relationship. Many couples tend to “keep it lowkey” when the relationship first starts, just to test the waters. The relationship may not last very long, and some see there being no point in sharing with others or the world what id going on between the two of them. As things start to get more serious, they may be more comfortable posting their significant other. I, personally, am like this. If I have been talking to someone for a little minute, and I really start to feel like this guy could be the one, why wouldn’t I want to share a cute pic of us on Instagram? I don’t think it is necessarily “looking for validation”, but more so a “Hey, I like this picture, why don’t I post it” kind of thing. The same thing I would do/think when posting a selfie. However, I do know some people look at whether or not they are being posted as validation, but that is not me. Some people think that if their significant other isn’t posting them, that they must be hiding them because they are up to no good. I don’t think this is a good way to measure things like that, because, on the flip side, just because someone is posting you, doesn’t mean they aren’t  up to no good.

Others believe keeping their relationship private helps preserve the relationship, because others won’t be in their business. Though I believe this is a valid point, I don’t think there is anything wrong with embracing your significant other, and posting them.

Sydney Greene

Hampton U '25

Sydney Greene is a first-year Journalism major at Hampton University from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area. Post graduation, Sydney plans to be an entertainment journalist with her own radio and/or talk show!
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