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Happy Holidays to you! As we get closer to Christmas why not cozy up on the couch and enjoy some Christmas movie classics? This article will help with your Christmas movie line up!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey stars as the mean green Grinch who plots to steal Christmas from all the Christmas lovers in Who-ville. This is the 2000 version but its still a classic that couldn’t be left out. Besides, who can get enough of little Cindy-Lou Who?


Buddy goes to New York to find his real father after being transported to the North Pole and being raised as an Elf. Will Ferrell is probably the biggest elf you’ve ever seen but this makes this Christmas movie even more humorous. Its definitely a favorite.

This Christmas

“And this Christmas will be a very special Christmas for me”. After watching this movie, you’ll be singing this song nonstop, well at least I do. This year the Whitfield’s witness drama, romance, laughs and tears all at Christmas time. Most importantly they all come together for the holiday festivities and teach the true meaning of family. It’s a great movie for the family and of course Chris Brown fans.

Home Alone

Home Alone is the perfect movie if you want Christmas and humor. This classic is probably on almost everyone’s “Top Christmas Movie’s” list. Watch Kevin as he tries to protect his home from criminals after he’s accidentally left home alone during Christmas vacation. If you love this one, check out Home Alone 2, 3 and 4.  

The Preachers Wife

Preacher Henry Biggs Is trying to help save his struggling neighborhood and his church which is in jeopardy of being closed down. In addition, his absence is beginning to cause issues in his marriage.  Henry prays for help and an angel named Dudley is sent. Dudley is supposed to be fixing things however his distraction by the preacher’s pretty wife seems to stir up some trouble. Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston made this a classic, and of course Whitney’s beautiful singing was the icing on the cake.

The Polar Express


The Polar Express was a must see for Christmas movies in 2004. This animated film follows a young boy who has stopped believing in Christmas on his magical train ride to the North Pole.  Along the way he meets children just like him. The Polar Express is all about friendship, magic and believing.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas


This is a classic that comes on television every year. The famous Charlie Brown searches for the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a great movie for the children due to its animation and its positive message.

The Santa Clause


The Santa Clause is one of my personal favorites. Tim Allen stars as a father who is sent to the North Pole with his son after accidentally killing Santa Clause. He is then told that he must be Santa’s replacement and the beard and belly come with the title. How cool is it to have Santa as your father? This is the first movie of the trilogy. Check them all out!

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