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Things to Leave in 2015

With the New Year finally here, blessings and new experiences are on their way! You can’t bring in the New Year with old burdens and baggage blocking your path. Here’s a list of things to ditch in 2016 to make for a great successful year!


Leave the Negative Nancy to someone else and ditch those bad vibes in 2016! Maybe being in the dumps and giving your friends a hard time was tolerated in last year, but not anymore! Going into the New Year with a clear mind and positive energy is they key to having a great year. No one wants to be around negativity coming into the New Year, so please please leave that in 2015!

2.Ex- Games

We all have that one ex that we still care for, can’t get over or simply won’t stop entertaining even though we know we should.  The extra baggage going into a new year is so lame! You guys had a good run, but honey; the turtle has long gone finished the race. Stop holding on to the time and effort you spent in your last relationship and be free! This is your time to know yourself and experience single life. Leave those ex games in the past.


Your lazy days have GOT to come to an end. This is a new year and therefore we have way too many new opportunities to seize. The procrastination habit you have been carrying around with you over the years is old. Take this time to refresh your brain, fix up your resume, and look up internships for the upcoming season! Don’t waste time sitting around when you can be entering a potential opportunity to expand your future.

4.Tweeting Your Every Move

Twitter is definitely an addiction for many of us. Whether you use is to upload bomb pictures you took in between classes, tweet about social issues or relationship issues, it’s definitely a go to for many to pour out their thoughts. However, this is not the way to go. Letting twitter know about your every move is annoying and is not a way to represent your brand. Keep it cute. Tweet when needed, and get some real work going on that social media is not a factor!


Please leave these in 2015! Looking back and realizing, maybe you shouldn’t have said this or that to someone is dead. Just leave it be. We all have had time to reflect on our mistakes, but why not just improve and do better next time around. There’s no use in regretting something you can’t change!

Let this be your year! Accomplish all your goals, let nothing get in your way and remember, leave meaningless things in 2015 !

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