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The Rise and Fall of “Fizz” at Hampton University:  Are Anonymous Apps Harmful or Beneficial?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

The new platform Fizz certainly made a splash on Hampton University’s campus. The Fizz platform launched on Thursday, November 17th, 2022.  Fizz certainly made a splash on Hampton University’s campus.  It all began with a rocky start, as those on the promoting team were prohibited from passing out donuts and barred from promoting on campus. Not only that but Fizz promotion posters were being distributed in dorm halls with inappropriate content and even featured the president displayed. Even with all the pushback, Fizz still managed to launch.

    The launch prompted gossip, rumors, and cyberbullying. This led to unavoidable conflict. Fizz is an app and platform which allows students to post memes and photos and blast out blurs and polls anonymously. A private discussion for schools, and you can only get on this news feed if you put in your own school email. But what happens when you can enter this chat and discussion anonymously? Although the main reason for most anonymous apps is not to cause harm but to open up a space for those to voice opinions, ask questions, and be more forthcoming. Still, an anonymous social media app can always take a turn for the worse when a community is given a veil to hide under. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (that use your name for your username ) tend to be social media platforms where people filter themselves and are, therefore, less likely to practice bad social media etiquette. 

Despite Fizz’s potential to deliver juicy gossip and raise awareness of school issues, it has slowly and surely taken a decline., In my experience,  I was a user who downloaded the app days after its launch but never posted. I think it’s fair to say that some people downloaded the app just to ensure their name was not among the jungle of confessions or posts. Whereas others downloaded it just to be bystanders to the gossip/rumors. However, over the Thanksgiving holidays,  it seems as if the Fizz app is behind us, as it is no longer relevant.

Jasmine Rodgers

Hampton U '26

My name is Jasmine Rodgers, I am a first-year Biochemistry major from Blackwood, New Jersey. I am forever learning and growing, here is my heart, here is my mind.