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The “Tea” On Herbal Remedies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Let us sip on some real tea…the kind that will get your mind, body, and soul together.


Well, the time has come where we, as young adults, finally have a say about the choices we make for ourselves. Remember as a child when mom or dad would always hassle or force you to take your vitamins so that you could be big, strong and tall? We all wanted to be a grown-up or a big kid, so we drank milk, ate our veggies, and took those chewy vitamins. Now, you’re all grown up and in college without mom or dad telling you how important it is to put good things in your body. In college, there is a scarce variety of healthy and tasty options, therefore, students are left with weak immune systems, bad digestion, and other future health issues from eating the wrong foods. It is now up to you to try and take care of your body while in college. Here are three natural and herbal ways you can sustain your health with supplements:

  • Ginger: A plant based leaf that can be juiced as well as consumed in tea. It is commonly used to relieve the digestive system and soothe any stomach aches. Ginger specifically helps lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, menstrual cramps and bleeding, and hangovers. Specific dosage depends on the reason for ingesting ginger, but you can purchase ginger root in stores.


  • Turmeric: A plant based spice that comes in powder form. Mucous in the line of the stomach builds up due to poor food choices and leads to congestion in the lymphatic system. Turmeric thins out the mucous and breaks down the congested fat from the bad food toxins. Turmeric also helps maintain cognitive functions, especially after those nights of partying, by creating antioxidants to help remove unwanted fat toxins in brain tissue. It is recommended to be taken in the morning with breakfast, in the form of tea.


  • Green Tea: A plant based herbal tea that can be drunk at all times, and is high in antioxidants. The benefits of ingesting green tea are that it helps the skin, stomach, and heart and can also be used to relax the body.


So, to all college girls and boys: stop drinking those Red Bulls and 5-Hour Energy’s. Resort to a healthy and beneficial way to get energy and rejuvenate your mind and body. Research which vitamins you can take that have the same ingredients listed above, especially if you do not have time to properly prepare the plants. It is time that you take care of yourself when it comes to what you put in your body because your physical health is just as important as that report card.


Shekinah Banks

Hampton U '22

My name is Shekinah Banks and I attend Hampton University. I am a second-year English major with a concentration in Creative Writing from Prince Georges' County Maryland. Becoming a criminal prosecutor is my dream alongside possibly starting my own YouTube channel.
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Ania Cotton

Hampton U '18

Ania is a charismatic, outgoing, fun loving individual with aspirations of owning her own public relations firm. Her favorite shows are Spongebob, Regular Show, and Bob's Burgers, and she loves to eat. Ania graduated from Hampton University in May 2018 with her Bachelors of Arts in Strategic Communications with a minor in Spanish. Ania loves to talk and give advice to her friends and family; the motto that she lives by is to always be a blessing to others because you never know who may need it. To learn more about her, visit her website at www.anianicole.com.