Summer Vacation Ideas

There’s no way you will have a complete summer break without a nice getaway, right? For myself, at least one vacation a summer is a necessity to relieve the stress of the semester and to relax before the hectic internship time. Yes, vacations can be a little pricey sometimes, but here are a few ideas for your summer vacation. Whether you jet out for a girls slaycation, a baecation, or a family vacation—it is essential to make sure you do something that isn’t apart of your daily schedule even if it’s just a weekend trip.

1. Puerto Rico

Don’t have a passport? No problem! Puerto Rico is an island that is still considered U.S. territory, so you can travel to an island without a passport and for a great price. San Juan is the heart of Puerto Rico, and it has the perfect day excursions and nightlife. On this island, you can go ATV riding during the day and go to a block party all night long into the morning. My most recommended place to visit in Puerto Rico is the Bacardi factory; it’s a fun-filled tour with great drinks. You could definitely score a trip to Puerto Rico for a couple hundred this summer.

2. Miami

Everyone loves Miami, right? Waking up on a strip of good eats, drinks, shopping, and the beach—who wouldn’t want that for a couple of days? Miami has become the heart of a quick getaway for millennials. Girls get to slay in their best bathing suits with their squad, and the guys get to watch it all. Not to mention, the clubs in Miami are like no other. This summer, take a trip to Miami and maybe drive to Orlando for a fun day at Disney; you’re never too old for that!

3. Los Angeles, California

L.A. has such a refreshing air. If you don’t want to go to an island, and being on a beach every single day isn’t what you want then L.A. may be the trip for you. For adventurous travelers, L.A. has an amazing hiking park, Runyon Canyon, which is popular amongst tourists. California also has some of the best restaurants that people brag on Instagram about including In-N-Out Burger and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. If you want a taste of the West Side this is your summer vacation spot, let’s not forget the celebrities you may spot and get to take a selfie!

4. Cancun, Mexico

Party and drink until the sun rises, and drink at the beach all day. Cancun is the epitome of a party vacation, but it is so fun! All vacations should be stress-free, but Cancun, is a different type of stress-free. If you are looking for somewhere to be drunk 24/7, then this is probably the vacation spot for you. But, don’t get it twisted— Cancun also has really fun excursions. My favorite is their park, Xplor, a park that has ATV riding, underwater rafting, zip lining and more; you’d definitely leave crossing things off your bucket list. Cocobongo is the number one club in Cancun; if you don’t go anywhere then that is a must.

5. New York City

This may sound typical coming from a New Yorker, but New York is actually a great location for a summer vacation. If you don’t want to go to an island, New York can give you the rush of a city one day with great drinks, shopping, rooftop parties, brunch and more. Also, we have beaches! No, they’re not in the city, but in less than an hour you can go from the city to a beach, what’s not to love about that?

There are plenty more trip destinations that are perfect for summer vacation ideas, these are just a few! My most trusted and easiest way of booking trips is using or— I select Flight + Hotel and it does all the work for me. If you’re planning on using multiple cards for a couple travellers, just call customer service and they handle all of your needs. Happy Travelling, be sure to share you sum