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Summer Is Around the Corner!

There is only 5 more weeks before summer break is here! 5 more weeks of tests, homework, group projects and everything else in between.   These next 5 weeks are gonna make and break many people but have no fear Her Campus is here! We know the ins and outs of wrapping up yet another semester but the key is to first breath, relax don’t panic, and to consciously think things out. Below we have a few common scenarios that happen at the end of every semester with a few solutions to help solve your woes.

Scenario #1- Raising Your Grade 

All semester you have been struggling to maintain a decent grade in that one class and now whether you pass or fail is based on 1 test before the actual final exam. If only you can do well on this one last test and the final exam then you will pass the class. So what do you do? First and foremost, go to your professors office hours to discuss any questions, concerns, and to honestly show your face so that they recognize you. Getting help from a professor may seem intimidating at times but ultimately their job is to make sure you learn the material correctly. After speaking with your professor a few times before the test make sure you review material daily. The more you consume on the subject the more familiar you will be with the material on the test. Find a sold partner in your class as well to study for the test, remember there is strength in numbers!


Scenario #2-Group Project

We all love to hate group projects. There is nothing remotely enjoyable about working and coordinating with 4 other to people in presenting material in front of a class. One thing that most members of group projects fail to do is figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each member. By doing this in the beginning it will minimize the amout of times the group needs to meet and will make things run faster. If someone is good at research allow to research information needed for the projects. If someone is good at putting together presentation decks then let them do that. If everyone does what they enjoy then it will not feel like work, it will feel like fun.

Scenario #3- Finding A New Roommate

So your stress is not academic related, more like living related. Say you’re switching roommates or that your roommate is graduating this year and finding a new roommate is harder than anyone can imagine. Before posting flyers around campus and on social media, ask friends and classmates if they know anyone who is looking for a new roommate. It is best to ask these people first because they know your character and know who would make a good fit for you. If that doesn’t work then start posting flyers. Start immediately, because waiting last minute could have you miss out on a roommate. If push comes to shove see if a close guy friend is willing to room with you at your place. 


We know the end of the semester is synonymous to crazyness but hang in there! You will survive and you will get things accomplished!

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