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Study Tips to Ace That Test

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

1. Write your notes 3x.

Some people may not be willing to do this, but that it really does work. If you have difficulty remembering your notes, this tip can increase the likelihood that you will retain information. This truly works and is highly recommended.

2. Teach the material to someone else.

If you feel comfortable with your notes, then share them with someone who really needs them. People appreciate it when someone can help. By helping someone else understand, you become more familiar with the information.

3. Create a study guide on Word Document.

You can get really creative with this one. This is almost like rewriting your notes, except you are using technology. This makes it easier to edit without messing up the entire paper. Personally, neatness is always appreciated while studying! Also, you can send it to your friends or other classmates that are in your class.


4. Make sure you are rested and fed.

Sleep and food are essential to provide you with energy. And of course, energy is important to have when doing such an important task such as studying.

5. Take breaks when necessary.

Studying a few days ahead of time will give you the opportunity to take your time unlike cramming will. You want to be able to study for 30-45 minutes then take a 20 minute break to refresh your brain, then return to studying. This helps reduce burn out.

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