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Streaming Wars: Which Streaming Service Is Worth It?

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO… who holds the power to keep me up until 5 AM on a weeknight?


Now, the majority of us spent our summer in the house trying to find both new and old programs to watch. I know I did because I (shamelessly) watched the entire Twilight Saga (twice). Even though I try to get the most out of any and every streaming service, what service is really worth it?


First on the list is Netflix. It’s known for its original movies and shows, the classic intro sound, and for the phrase “Netflix and Chill.” The first streaming service I ever had was Netflix. I can remember watching old Gossip Girl episodes and finding out what Vampire Diaries was all about. On the flip side, I also remember how long the wait was for the next season of my favorite show (or any show) on Netflix. The wait is normally so long I forget what I watched months (or honestly up to a year) beforehand. That’s also why Netflix is now my last resort streaming service. Don’t get me wrong, watching shows that have all of their seasons on Netflix is fine, but I have to consider my (terrible) memory and my limited patience too.


Now HBO? Whew, ma’am that is a whole different story. We all know HBO for shows like Insecure, Euphoria, and more recently, Lovecraft Country (my TOP choice). This service pumps out one-of-a-kind seasons that have you waiting on your toes for the next episode (the gag is I’m not joking I have a countdown for the next episode of Lovecraft Country lol). While HBO pumps out these hit shows, it also features lesser known series and movies that are amazing but get overshadowed by the more popular ones. Shows like Watchmen were completely unknown to me until my dad introduced it around June of this year. And it premiered in 2019 y’all. I missed all the hype and was late to watch such an amazing series! The moral of this story, HBO has so much more to offer than its more well-known shows.


Okay so now it’s time for my favorite service, Hulu! This is the app I open when I’m looking for my favorite reality tv shows, different scary movies, and of course, Rick and Morty. Hulu is really where I go to binge shows that I have heard of but haven’t watched. It's the streaming service where new episodes are available the fastest, it has a large range of options, and it never fails to entertain. I’m probably biased because my favorite shows are there (and the entire Twilight Saga was there too), but It’s definitely worth downloading.


With all that being said, the choice is really yours. When I want a quick movie, I’m choosing Netflix. When I want to binge-watch a series, I go to Hulu. When I want to be on the edge of my seat, I go to HBO. It’s all a matter of what you are looking for. Happy streaming!

Eden Jones is a first-year psychology major from Washington, DC. After college, Eden plans to go to graduate school and receive her Master's in Psychology. At Hampton, she is a member of the Her Campus Twitter team, and is also a member of the executive board of College Girls; where she serves as the Bonding Events Coordinator. In her free time, Eden enjoys making flyers for her clubs, watching new shows and movies with her family, and getting to know other Hamptonians virtually.
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