Staying Focused Spring Semester

For many college students, spring semester is a very exciting and event-filled time. Spring semester includes events such as graduation, spring fest, spring break, and beach week. A big Hampton tradition is 100 Days, which is a time of celebration for seniors who have 100 days left until graduation. It is also a time for many students to lose track of what is really important, and ultimately why they came to school in the first place. It is very easy to lose track of your goals when things that excite you pop up endlessly, but it is crucial to keep your eyes on the prize.

The “spring/summer flu” affects many students, and while it is a normal thing, it should not be the ultimate downfall of your academic career. When the weather becomes warm enough to wear your toes out, do not forget that the school year continues and how hard you work while the weather is warm will affect you in the long run. Being that we are in a new year, many have set goals or resolutions for themselves to learn and grow into a better person. In order to stay focused and keep that “it’s 4.0 season” mindset, set goals for yourself each day to do some work for classes ahead of time so that by the time it’s due, you are not worried about finishing because it is already done.

There is a time to have fun and a time to buckle down and focus on your studies. College is an experience that should be taken advantage of, so enjoy every moment of it while it last! The end result of hard work pays off tremendously, so never give up and don’t fall short of your goals! May 2018 be a successful and productive year for you!