State of The Union Recap

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union Address. The State of the Union is an annual report of the changes in past year. It is given to the US Senate and House of Representative. President Obama discussed the many issues in America and also what needs to be done in the following years. It was an emotional time for supporters of Obama as we enter the final year of his presidency.

He is often criticized but never fully recognized for of his accomplishments and progress made in the past eight years. Obama discussed a vision of optimism in the future of America. The issues of race, gun violence, social class and terrorism were the main points of the speech. He made sure America understood the mark he made during his presidency. Progress is inevitable by the changes in the economy. Obama’s improvement with healthcare has initiated a change for people in America, specifically with young adults and the lower class. 

Problems with the diminishing middle class have made families in American fearful of the future. The president discussed his hopes for his successor to only improve the country. The issue of race and gun violence has seemed to only get worse. Obama addressed Congress on the changes that must be made. Including the problems with law enforcement, African Americans, and the amount of guns in America.

President Obama responded to Republicans who criticized his decision on terrorism, especially with ISIS. He further explained that any more violence from America could lead to a World War III. Obama rebutted Republican claims of not taking action by explaining this will cause bigger issues such as nuclear weapons.

President Barack Obama is only going to make more changes in his final year of presidency. He was more worried about the state of America and less worried about the future candidates. Obama was optimistic of the plans for America. President Obama progress is the reason why he is one of the greatest presidents.